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Feral druid < Declined >

Post  druid. on Sat May 17, 2008 6:08 pm

Name: Merlinion
Race: tauren
Would u consider a respec in benefit of the guild? sure, but my balance and resto gear wont help u much atm to be honest.
Specific stats (hp as tank, spelldmg as caster, bonus healing as healer, etc...): 15000hp, 26000 armor, 33%dodge unbuffed.
Your /played: 23d

Your raiding experience (pre-TBC too):never really played much wow be4 tbc, started playing it more seriuosly when tbc came, so no raid exp be4 that im afraid, but i have done heroics, kara and grull now in tbc, would have done more, but lack of a good guild have stopped me.

Why do you want to join Anubis?Heard only good things about you, and i have played with some of you be4, and no complaints so far Smile and u never said anything bad 2 me either.

Raiding times will be from 19h30-23h30 on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Can u make these set hours and days?yes, but you should know i sometimes work late, so i cant say yes to all raids, but i dont see any problem joining most of em.

How did u hear about us?Through a friend of mine that is a member of your guild.

Previous Guilds?None seroius, just a friends guild that never raided.

Reason for leaving?Looking for a nice guild that actually raid.

Do u have TS2/microphone?yes i do.

Some personal info (where u are from, age, what u do for a living, etc):sweden, 23, work.


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