Lemmis - Holy Paladin >Accpeted<

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Lemmis - Holy Paladin >Accpeted<

Post  Guest on Mon May 19, 2008 11:55 pm

Name: Lemmis
Race: Female Blood Elf ofc. Who doesn't wanna look hot?
Class/Spec:Paladin - Holy 50/11/0

Would u consider a respec in benefit of the guild? Sure thing, I have some prot gear from heroics I've done. Haven't tried tanking tho, but I will as soon as I get full prot gear ^^. No dps tho, have a rogue for that ;D.

Specific stats (hp as tank, spelldmg as caster, bonus healing as healer, etc...): 1680+ healing. Armory link

Your /played: 24days, and 10 days on lvl 70 ^^.

Your raiding experience (pre-TBC too):
Only done a full Karazhan Raid, only got my main to lvl 20 before tbc came out Razz. And haven't gotten the chance to join for other raids Smile.

Why do you want to join Anubis?
Well, as said before. Haven't gotten any chance to do more then Kara, and I feel I wanna move on ^^. Also I do some heroics with some folks in Anubis (mostly Wildspirit, and Malokkio), and I think this guild is really nice Smile.

Raiding times will be from 19h30-23h30 on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Can u make these set hours and days?
Ehum, I work Sunday-Thursday between 15:30-23:00. So if it's just those times you raid, I can't join cuz of work oO

How did u hear about us?
Also as said before, done heroics with some members of this guild Smile. And I think we work really good together Smile.

Previous Guilds?
I were in Städpatrullen. And joined Legea shortly after.

Reason for leaving?
Städpatrullen split up, and I don't feel Legea will move me any further in the game + I don't really know anyone in there oO.

Do u have TS2/microphone?
Well, I have a built in mic on my laptop Razz.

Some personal info (where u are from, age, what u do for a living, etc):
I'm from Sweden and I'm 21 ;P. Work as a forklift driver, makes me feel manly Smile


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