Prot Pala! >Accepted <

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Prot Pala! >Accepted <

Post  Guest on Fri May 23, 2008 8:42 pm

Name: Bubblenator
Race: Female Blood Elf
Class/Spec: Protection (0/49/12)
Would u consider a respec in benefit of the guild?
Ofc i will..I think i have the right specc and if you want me to respecc just tell me and i doit.
Link to your armory: Armory is down
Your /played: 17days 17hrs 20min (Played this lvl 2days 15hrs 48min)

Your raiding experience (pre-TBC too):
ZG: None
MC: None
AQ20: None
Outdoor bosses: 1
BWL: None
AQ40: None
Naxx: None

Karazhan: Full
Gruul lair: Full
Magtheridon: Full
Doom-lord kazzak: None
Doomwalker: None
SSC: Lurker
TK: None

Why do you want to join Anubis?
I think its a pretty good guild. Have played there before with my rogue and now my paladin wants to feel the raiding life.

Raiding times will be from 19h30-23h30 (days still under discussion), can u make these set hours?
These hours will be no problems not on these days. In autumn there may be some problem if we raid over 23.30 there may be fight at home but who cares Smile

How did u hear about us?
Like i wrote before i played in your guild before with my rogue and i really like the players in it.

Previous Guilds and reason for leaving
I have played in Super Duper but not raid since they didn't payed any attention at me. So i decided to leave. Thats the only guild i have been played in since i got 70 2 weeks ago.

Do u have TS2/microphone?
Ofc i have who havent TS2 ? Razz and a microphone ofc Smile

Some personnal info (where u are from, age, what u do for a living, etc):

My name is André and im from sweden. Im 17 years old and love to play wow. On my sparetime i like to get out in the garden and work little. Thats the only thing i do. Plays and works and goes to school.


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Re: Prot Pala! >Accepted <

Post  Sylphia on Sat May 24, 2008 12:01 pm

I'd be willing to give u a try yet u would have to go FULL OUT on gear caus atm if we would need to for Solarian or Morogrim u would get the same dmg as a holy priest and that wouldn't be good Smile)

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