Blutengel, Elemental Shaman Application < Accepted >

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Blutengel, Elemental Shaman Application < Accepted >

Post  Blutenge on Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:58 pm

Name: Blutengel (bloodangel in german)

Race: Orc

Class/Spec: Shaman, 40/0/21 atm. will be 41/0/20 when raiding

Would u consider a respec in benefit of the guild? of course

Specific stats (hp as tank, spelldmg as caster, bonus healing as healer, etc...):

864 spelldamage unbuffed, hit capped with my totem, 33,5% spellcrit


Your /played: 46 days on this character, got 2 more chars on maelstrom, 1 on sylvanas
and one damned vegetable mage at sunstrider

Your raiding experience (pre-TBC too):
The pre-TBC was at my ally mage, but i got out of the brainwash and started playing horde instead.
The TBC is with my Shaman, got experience in SSC/TK with my rogue as well

Pre-TBC: MC, BWL, AQ20, ZG, aq40 up to twin emperors, and patchwerk in naxx

TBC: Kara, ZA, Gruul, Mag, full SSC, 3/4 TK, 2/5 in MH

Do u have any lvl 70 alts? 70 warlock, 70 Rogue, 70 Mage, 70 Warrior.

Why do you want to join Anubis?

I was asked why I wasn't in a guild today by Sylphia. and we talked for a bit,
seemed like a nice person. and as i am currently looking for an active raiding guild i grabbed the chance of writing an application.
even though my spelldamage is too low in you measures. i can guarantee you that i do good damage and placed top 4,
with my other guild PIE on Sylvanas, which disbanded.

Raiding times will be from 19h30-23h00 on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Can u make these set hours and days?
monday and thursday shouldn't be a problem i'd say 50% fridays and 75% sundays, due to GF and some Partying once in a while.

How did u hear about us?
as i mentioned, a kind sould named Sylphia talked to me, and i asked him/her about the forum page for
making an application.

Previous Guilds?
as i mentioned above, i was playing on the Sylvanas Realm earlier
the guilds there were:
PIE, (the ones that cleared all of the experience i TBC)
I was also the shaman CL in the guild

Owls in Orbit, (this one was on my Rogue, and was rogue CL)

Reason for leaving?
PIE: the guild disbanded due to an argument between the officers.

Owls in Orbit: Officers stopped playing and i was the only active one left,
so i decided to move to a new realm to try some new luck.

Do u have TS2/microphone? got both of them, so I can make myself heard clearly ^^

Do u have knowledge of english to use that TS2 in a usefull way: ehm long time since i used it, but earlier there wasn't any problems at all.

Some personal info (where u are from, age, what u do for a living, etc):
My Name is Eric, i am 21 years old and i live in Sweden. i work at a metal industry and you can say i am a metal-tool-maker.
the reason for the absence in the weekends is cause I have a Distance Relationship with my gf, 270 km isnt that fun. but hey, we manage it.
my interests are, Music, (you should be very scared of what i listen to), my GF, WoW, hanging out with my friends, and making new drinks ^^


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Re: Blutengel, Elemental Shaman Application < Accepted >

Post  Sylphia on Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:36 pm

Lovely application witch gives me all the information i would need to judge weather u're a good or a bad player!
I got to addmit that u got nice a list of things you did in u're wow career, i like the fact that u where an officer/Cl caus in case u would show to be the player witch we need, u would be able to be granted a leadgiving funcion in the guild( but that for later). The only thing more witch i can add is that i hardly doubt that you would have any problems witch the english since u made a nice application in english :p
So far i notice some things witch will have to change but we can take care of that.

Ppl that disslike Elemental Shammys and think its just some random hybrid spec can most often be proven wrong to c them top dmg meters if u have the tanks to keep aggro for it. I played Pvp with a shammy that could do a neet 35k dmg in 30 sec yet that was with popping everything.

I hope to c u soon in the guild so we can raid and progress togetter.

Greetings Sylphia

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Re: Blutengel, Elemental Shaman Application < Accepted >

Post  Raginfury on Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:15 am

i gotta agree with sylphia Smile

And just for the record i LOVE ele shammy dps Very Happy

i vote yes =)


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Re: Blutengel, Elemental Shaman Application < Accepted >

Post  Lengar on Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:35 am

Ok we NEED! a ele Shaman, hes good = profit


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Re: Blutengel, Elemental Shaman Application < Accepted >

Post  Hooprot on Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:47 am

nice apply and seems experienced


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Re: Blutengel, Elemental Shaman Application < Accepted >

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